Control, Infinity Network Interface Module NIM

  • Buyer EQUI
  • Brand Carrier
The Network Interface Module (NIM) is used to interface the following devices to the Infinity ABCD bus so they can be controlled by the Infinity System. The following devices do not have communication ability and the NIM is required to control:
  • A Heat Recovery Ventilator / Energy Recovery Ventilator (HRV/ERV) (when zoning is not applied). If system is zoned (contains an Infinity Damper Control Module), the ventilator may be connected either directly to the Damper Control module or to the NIM. In either case, the Infinity Zone Control will properly discover the ventilator.
  • A non-communicating single-speed heat pump with Infinity furnace (dual fuel application only).
  • A non-communicating two-speed outdoor unit (R-22 Series-A unit).