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    JB Industries 1/2", Oil Mist Filter for Vacuum Pump

    Features & Benefits

    • Smallest Installed Footprint
    • Easy Application Using CUBEFuse Holders (TCFH_N), UL 98 Compact Circuit Protector (CCP2) Switches and Compact Circuit Protector Base (CCP2B up to 100 A)
    • Holders and Switches have an Amp Rating Rejection Feature to Help Prevent Overfusing
    • 30, 60 and 100 Amp Switches and Holders will Hold any CUBEFuse up to its Rating, 200 and 400 Amp Switches and 200, 225 and 400 Amp Holders will Hold any CUBEFuse 110 Amp and above up to its Rating
    • The indicating Version Features Local EasyID™ Open Fuse Technology for Faster Troubleshooting and Reduced Downtime
    • Faster Response to Damaging Faults Helps Reduce Destructive Thermal and Magnetic Forces
    • True Dual-Element Fuse Construction with a Minimum 10 Seconds Time-Delay At 500% of Rating
    • Long Time-Delay Minimizes Nuisance Openings Caused by Temporary Overloads and Transient Surges
    • Up to 300 KA interrupting Rating Safely interrupts Virtually Any Fault
    • Robust Cycling and Inrush Current Withstand
    • Low Let-Through Currents Under Fault Conditions
    • Provides Type 2 "No Damage" Protection for IEC Motor Starters When Properly Sized
    • Easy Selective Coordination with Any Other Bussmann Series Low-Peak Class CC, J, L Or RK1 Fuse with Simple 2:1 Amp Ratio Between Upstream and Downstream Fuses Finger-Safe Status Depends on Final, Installed Application and Will Require Using Accessory Shrouds for 110 to 400 Amp Ratings
    • RoHS Compliant


    • Type: Class CF
    • Characteristics: Finger Safe, Dual Element, 10 Second Time Delay
    • Voltage Rating: 600 Volt AC 60 Hertz, 300 Volt DC
    • Current Rating: 15 Amp
    • Interrupting Rating: 300 Kiloamp (Symmetrical, UL), 200 Kiloamp (Symmetrical, CSA), 100 Kiloamp (DC, UL and CSA)
    • Terminal Type: Blade
    • Length: 1.88 Inch
    • Approval: UL, CSA, CE
    • RoHS Compliant; Overall Dimension 0.75 Inch Width x 1.75 Inch Height; Material Glass Filled PES; Fuse Indicator Indicating; Number of Elements 2; Color Black; Response Time 10 Second at 500 Percent; Mounting Method 35 Millimeter DIN Rail Chassis; Used On TCFH30N, CCP2-3-30CF; Application Electrical Panel Board, Industrial Control, Machinery Disconnect, Required Finger Safe System



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