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CSW Industrials Inc. / RectorSeal (Kickstart) 1 to 3 Ton Torque, Black, 2-Wire, Hard Start Device for Heat Pump Compressor

2-wire potential relay and start capacitor. 3.5-5.0 ton maximum torque hard start device The only two-wire, pre-assembled starting components Hard Start Kit on the market that uses a high-quality Mechanical Potential Relay in a unique design! Absolutely no use of circuit boards, timers or PTCR devices! The design sets Kickstart® apart from the competition! Ongoing research and development continues to earn product approval from leading compressor and equipment manufacturers. A first for any two-wire starting device in the HVACR industry. Hard start devices extend the life of compressors considerably by bringing them up to full speed more quickly and efficiently. They also assist compressors in starting under very adverse ambient conditions such as low voltage or high head pressures.

Features & Benefits

  • 2-wire for easy installation hard start device that uses a mechanical potential relay and start capacitor
  • Assists compressors in starting under very adverse conditions such as low voltage or high head pressures, extending the life of compressors by providing the correct torque to bring them up to full speed more quickly & efficiently
  • Extend the life of compressors
  • Made in USA


  • Color/Finish: Black
  • Used On Item: 208/230/265 Volt AC 1-Phase Air Conditioner, Refrigeration and Heat Pump Compressor
  • Applicable Standard: UL (Canada and US), OEM
  • Type 2-Wire
  • Torque Rating 1 to 3 Ton
  • Flash Point 205 Deg F
  • Temperature Rating 40 to 120 Deg F