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    KMC Controls, Inc. 24 VAC 50/60 Hz/24 VDC, 45 Lb-Inch, 95D, Proportional, Compact, Direct Coupled, Electronic Actuator

    These compact but powerful direct-coupled ControlSet® actuators provide two-position, tri-state, or proportional control for dampers or valves in HVAC systems. Efficient, durable, capacitor-driven fail-safe with switch-selectable direction provides consistent torque in both powered and fail-safe modes. A patented noise reducer provides whisper-quiet operation in both modes. A minimum torque of 25 (MEP-42xx), 45 (MEP-45xx), or 90 (MEP-49xx) in-lb. is available over the 95° angular rotation. MEP-4xx2 proportional models accept either a 0–10 or 2–10 VDC control signal input from a thermostat, controller, or building automation system. “Anti- jitter” circuitry significantly reduces hunting and needless wear (from unnecessary miniscule position changes caused by undamped analog input signals) on the actuator, valve, or damper components. A user-initiated, auto-mapping feature provides more precise equipment control by reassigning the input signal range over a reduced rotation range. These models also feature a switch-selectable, 0–5 or 0–10 (or 1–5 or 2–10) VDC voltage feedback output that is proportional to the actuator position.

    Features & Benefits

    • Efficient, Durable, Capacitor-Driven Fail-Safe Option with Switch-Selectable Direction Provides Consistent Torque in Both Powered and Fail-Safe Modes
    • The Fail-Safe Option, on Proportional and Tri-State Models, can be Turned Off Temporarily for Testing Purposes or Permanently if Desired
    • Proportional Models Include "Anti-Jitter" Circuit- Ry, Optional Auto-Mapping of the Full Input Signal Range Over a Reduced Actuator Stroke
    • MEP-4x7x Models have One Fully Adjustable, Built-In SPDT Auxiliary Switches and MEP-497x Models Include a Second Fixed Switch at 10 Degree from Full CW Direction
    • Connections are Made with Prewired 3-Foot, 18 AWG Cables or Fixed Terminals that Accept 26 to 12 AWG Wiring
    • Direct Mounting to Standard Shaft Sizes, Gear Dis-Engagement Button and Adjustable Mechanical End Stop
    • Patented Valve Body Quick-Mount Option on MEP-4xxxV Models
    • Made in USA


    • Type: Proportional, Compact, Direct Coupled
    • Voltage Rating: 24 Volt AC/DC
    • Maximum AC Voltage: 24 Volt
    • Maximum DC Voltage: 24 Volt
    • Frequency Rating: 50/60 Hertz
    • Insulation Class: B
    • Torque: 45 Inch-Pound
    • Angle of Rotation: 95 Degree
    • Operating Temperature: -22 to 131 Deg F
    • Application: Damper, Valve
    • Approval: UL (Canada and US), FCC
    • Control Voltage Rating 0 to 10 Volt DC
    • Mounting Type V-Bolt/Screw Mount
    • Time 50 Second


    • BrandKMC Controls

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