UV2-GF-D-16 MFG #: UV2-GF-D-16
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Totaline
  • Lamp Quantity Double
  • Voltage 120
  • Watts 18
Totaline® - UV Dual Lamp Germicidal Air Purifier

Features & Benefits:
The Totaline Dual Lamp UV unit is a potent UVGI, Germicidal Ultra Violet air treatment system. It features non ozonating, Dual 36 watt-254 nanometer UVC lamps, in combination with proprietary anodized parabolic reflectors. This tandem system helps enhance UVC output creating higher potencyin a convenient & versatile design. The Totaline Germicidal unit helps disinfect & deactivate airborne molds, bacteria, virus and microorganisms in addition to coil treatment.

Power Required: 120V
High Temperature: Yes
LCD Option: No
Lamp Replacement: UV2-GF-16-LP
Lamp Hours: 9000
Lamp Type: 254Nm
AMP Draw: .35A
UV Output uw/cm at 2.5: 204
Parabolic Reflector: Yes