UV2-GF-PL-09 MFG #: UV2-GF-PL-09
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Totaline
  • Lamp Quantity Double
  • Voltage 24/120
  • Watts 18
Totaline® - UV2-GF-PL-09 Lamp Dual UV 9" Tri Process

Features & Benefits:
The Totaline® Ultra Violet System with Carbon Matrix & PCO is a unique indoor air treatment & odor absorption system. It utilizes multiple processes to help reduce airborne microorganisms, odors, gases & VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). This combination works on your air in three distinct ways. UVC Germicidal works on airborne bacteria, viruses & molds including coil treatment. The Carbon Matrix cells work to absorb odors & VOC’s in combination with, the PCO Spiroplate Sterilizer oxidation system. This unique combination helps enhance air cleansing throughout the indoor living space. This technology is ozone free for a natural 3 way air cleansing process.