P70DA-2C MFG #: P70DA-2C
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls (Penn) 50 to 500 PSI, 60 to 150 PSI Differential, 1/4" Internal Threaded, SPST Open High, NEMA 1, Steel, Electromechanical Pressure Control

The P70, P72, and P170 Controls for low pressure applications are designed primarily for low pressure cut-out control, pump-down control, and capacity control on commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. These controls are available in several pressure ranges and are compatible with most common refrigerants. They may also be used on other non-corrosive fluid applications. Ammonia-compatible models are also available. Controls also are available in several different electrical ratings and switch configurations. The P72 models provide direct control of 208 to 240 volt single-phase motors up to 3 horsepower, and 208 to 220 volt three-phase motors up to 5 horsepower. Refer to the P70, P72, and P170 Series Controls for Low Pressure Applications Product Bulletin (Part No. 24-7664-2608) for important product application information.

Features & Benefits

  • Photoelectric Sensor-Advanced Photoelectric Sensor May Detect Visible Particles Sooner than Ionization Alarms
  • Test Button-Tests Unit Electronic Circuitry, Horn and Battery Function
  • Battery Operated Protects Even During a Power Outage
  • Low Battery Indication-Smoke Alarm will Chirp in the Event of a Low Battery
  • Tamper Resist Locking Pin-Helps Deters Alarm Tampering or Theft


  • Type: Smoke Alarm
  • Operation Type: Photoelectric
  • Voltage Rating/Source: 9 Volt Battery
  • LED/Strobe Type: Red LED Indicating Battery Power
  • Horn Type: 85 Decibel at 10 Foot
  • Approval: UL
  • Overall Dimension 5 Inch Diameter x 1.5 Inch Depth; Temperature Rating 40 to 100 Deg F