MERV 13 12X24X2

SKUM13-12X24X2MFGM13-2402 12X24X2

MERV 13 12X24X2

SKUM13-12X24X2MFGM13-2402 12X24X2


    Purolator Puro-green 13
    The Puro-green 13’s heavy duty beverage board frame is made using moisture-resistant, sturdy frame material that stands up to rough handling and difficult service conditions. As such, expect a long service life in the field. Because of moisture-resistant media and construction, the pleats hold together even when wet, preventing delaminating, excessive buckling, collapsing, racking, warping, and bending. Additionally, the double-walled thickness around the outer edge and rust-resistant galvanized steel frame help maintain pleat shape and prevent fluttering during operation.


    • The Puro-green 13 can be used in almost any building where better indoor air quality is desired such as existing commercial properties, universities, school systems and government institutions. It can be used a pre-filter or final filter without the need to retrofit systems for a high-efficiency rigid filter.


      • Durable, moisture-resistant 100% synthetic media.
      • Low pressure drop and high dust loading.
      • Quality engineered for consistent production.
      • Heavy duty, moisture-resistant beverage board frame.
      • Two-piece die-cut frame bonded to each other provide double-wall thickness around outer edge.
      • Die cut pattern provides 50% more contact points between media pack and frame.
      • Integral die-cut cross members provide strength and rigidity
      • Water repellent adhesive used to bond frame with media pack.
      • Rust-resistant, expanded metal support grid made of galvanized steel.
      • 100% water repellent, high-strength adhesive coats entire interior of frame.
      • Media pack sealed inside frame and pleat tips bonded to diagonal support members.
      • Meets minimum efficiency criteria required by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)1



    • BrandFlanders
    • AvailabilityAvailable for Delivery
    • Warehouse AvailabilityCRNE
    • MERV Rating13
    • Parts ApplicationStd heat/Cool
    • Size12" x 24"
    • Thickness2"
    • TypePleated

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