• Buyer EQUI
  • Brand MicroMetl
MicroMetl Corporation Horizontal Orientation, Ultra Low Leak Economizer with Honeywell Jade W7220 Single/Multiple Speed Electromechanical Controller/Adjustable Dry Bulb Sensor/Direct Coupled Actuator/Painted Rain Hood with Aluminum Filter/Barometric Relief and Panel and Hardware for HVAC System

Features & Benefits

  • For 1 or 2-Speed Indoor Fan Units with Central Terminal Board (CTB) and Compressor Staging Board
  • Outside Air Damper and Return Damper Each have a Separate Actuator
  • Barometric Relief Hood Provided and Field Installed on Return Duct
  • Gear Driven Design for Trouble-Free Operation, Eliminating Slippage and Binding Associated with Standard Linkage
  • Includes Rainhood with Aluminum Water Entrainment Filters in the Outside Air Section
  • Rainhood is Sloped for Water Run-Off
  • All Harnesses and Plugs Needed are Provided
  • For Use with Return Duct Through Unit's Standard Horizontal Return Duct Opening
  • Made in USA


  • Item: Ultra Low Leak Economizer
  • Used On Item: HVAC System
  • Orientation Horizontal
  • Includes Honeywell Jade W7220 Single/Multiple Speed Electromechanical Controller, Adjustable Dry Bulb Sensor, Direct Coupled Actuator, Painted Rain Hood with Aluminum Filter, Barometric Relief, Panel and Hardware