MC-350 MFG #: MC-350
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand RGF
RGF Environmental Group, Inc. MICROCON® 14.5" x 27.5", 120/220 V, 0.34/1 A, 75/125 W, 2625 Sq Ft, 350 CFM, Baked on Powder Coat Painted Durable Steel, HEPA Filter, Air Filtration System

The Microcon® 350 'whole home' HEPA Air Filtration system is easily installed in your home's HVAC or air handling system to provide 99.97% airborne particulate reduction without impacting air flow, static pressure or unit sizing. This whisper quiet air filtration system is extremely efficient for dust, pet dander, pollen and VOC removal. This unit is recommended for areas up to 2,625sq ft. The Microcon® whole home HEPA filter can be installed into any existing commercial or residential HVAC system to provide 99.97% airborne particulate reduction without impacting air flow, static pressure or unit sizing. Installation requires no costly electrical or mechanical alternations to the HVAC system and the unique design offers HEPA grade filtration with very low power consumption. The 3-stage filtration cartridge is contained and protected in a durable steel box. In stage-one, a foam pre-filter captures large particulate matter. In the second stage, the HEPA filter traps more of the harmful and irritating particulate like pet dander, pollen and smoke. Finally, in the third stage, the activated carbon adsorbs chemical or gas-based pollutants. The filters are easy to access and change. Once locked into place, the filter is completely sealed, ensuring that no polluted air escapes from the box. The baked thermostat powder finish on the box itself provides a durable, long-lasting housing that will not off-gas chemicals, providing truly clean air to the surrounding environment.

Features & Benefits

  • No Effect on AC Blower
  • Insulated Cabinets for Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Low Maintenance, HEPA Cartridges can Last up to Five Years Depending on the Environment Being Filtered
  • Energy Efficient Due to Effective Design and Quality Motors
  • Our Microcon Filtration Systems are Constructed Out of Durable Steel and Finished with Baked on Powder Coated Painted
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • VOC Canister Contain Carbon with 1705000 Square Meter of Absorbent Surface Area for Capturing Chemicals


  • Power Supply: 120/220 Volt, 0.34/1 Amp, 75/125 Watt
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Material: Baked on Powder Coat Painted Durable Steel
  • Effective Area: 2625 Square Foot
  • Width: 14.5 Inch
  • Height: 27.5 Inch
  • Airflow Rating 350 CFM
  • Inlet Type 8 Inch Duct Collar
  • Outlet Type 6 Inch Duct Collar
  • Application HVAC or Air Handling System
  • Applicable Standard ISO 9001, CSA (Canada and US)