0131M00061 MFG #: 0131M00061
  • Buyer MALP
  • Brand Goodman
Daikin Industries, Ltd. / Goodman Manufacturing Company, LP (Goodman) 1/4 HP, 1-Speed, 8-Pole, Condenser Fan Motor for APD1430090M41AA/APD1436090M41AA/APD1437090M41AA Packaged Dual Fuel Unit

Features & Benefits

  • The Holdrlte Insulation Coupling "7 Series" Strut Clamps are for use with Insulated Pipe Lines Mounted to Strut in any Orientation
  • These are Plenum Rated Insulation Clamps are Ideal for Insulated Pipe Line Support without the Need for Rigid Insulation Supports or Insulation Shield
  • Installation Time is Greatly Reduced
  • Complete Vapor Barrier at Suspension Points by Gluing or Taping the Buttjoint
  • Dramatically Improves Finished Appearance of Insulated Tube Runs
  • Eliminates Insulation Compression at Suspension Points
  • For use as a Strut-Mounted Clamp in any Orientation


  • Type: Pipe Line to Strut
  • Construction: 2-Piece
  • Material: Steel
  • Outer Diameter: 7/8 Inch
  • Insulation Wall Thickness 1/2 Inch; Overall Diameter 2 Inch; Temperature Rating -45 to 275 Deg F; Applicable Standard UL (Canada and US), MSS SP-58