• Buyer STOR
  • Brand Factory Authorized Part
  • Power open, power close damper actuator.
  • Replacement motor for Trol-A-Temp or Trol-A-Temp dampers.
  • 24-volt (AC), 6 Volt Ampere (VA), 50- 60-cycle, two-position motor actuator used with all AOBD, AOBD-BM, and IOBD automatic opposed blade dampers.
  • MSTN is a uni-directional motor that requires Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) switching to drive the damper open and closed.
  • It uses a wafer switch to power the synchronous motor for only 30 seconds while the motor is moving between open and closed or vice-versa.
  • When the motor reaches the open or closed position, the internal switches cut off power to the motor.
  • MSTN has three auxiliary end switches, rated at 1A at 24-volt (AC), that can be used to control auxiliary equipment and one additional damper when necessary.
  • MSTN can be operated by any Trol-A-Temp or Honeywell zoning panel. It also can be operated by any SPDT switch or relay contact. It can be controlled with five or three wires, depending on the application.
  • Replaces EWC motor