S-6311 MFG #: S-6311
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  • Category: Muffler
  • Inlet Connection Size: 1 1/8
  • Outlet Connection Size: 1 1/8
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Henry Group Industries 1-1/8" ODS, 76 MM x 246 MM, Carbon Steel Body, Discharge Line Muffler for HCFC/HFC Refrigerant

The function of a Discharge Line Muffler is to reduce noise in the discharge line of a refrigeration or air-conditioning system.

Features & Benefits

  • Low Energy Cost
  • Highest Efficiency
  • High Output
  • Long Service Life
  • Unique Cold Water Diffuser
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • O-Ring Gasket Design
  • Field Removable Heat Exchanger
  • Reduces Operation Expenses by Eliminating Periodic Inspection and Replacement Costs Associated with Maintaining an Anode Rod Advanced Electronic Controller
  • Electronic Thermostat Provides Accurate and Reliable Temperature Control


  • Inlet/Outlet Connection: 3/4 Inch Male Threaded x 3/4 Inch Female Threaded
  • Relief Valve Details: T and P Relief Valve Supplied
  • Tank Inner Lining: Hydrastone Cement
  • Tank Dimensions: 26 Inch Diameter x 40 Inch Height
  • Tank Material: Steel
  • Tank Capacity: 50 Gallon
  • Tank Warranty: 10 Year Limited
  • GPH Recovery: 320 GPH at 115 Deg F
  • Boiler Supply/Return Connection: 3/4 Inch Male Threaded x 3/4 Inch Male Threaded
  • Gross Boiler Output: 150000 BTU/Hour
  • Heat Exchanger Mounting Type: Top
  • Heat Exchanger Coil Type: Copper Fin
  • Head Loss: 7 Foot Water Column
  • Flow Rate: 6 GPM
  • Insulation Details: 2 Inch Thick Polyurethane Foam
  • Options: Double Wall Heat Exchanger, Back-Up Electric Heating Element for Supplemental Heating
  • Inclusions/Features: Low Energy Cost, Highest Efficiency, High Output, Long Service Life, Unique Cold Water Diffuser, Electronic Thermostat, O-Ring Gasket Design, Field Removable Heat Exchanger
  • Application: Residential, Commercial
  • Applicable Standard: AHRI, ETL (Canada and US)
  • Jacket Material Plastic