DPT260-MS2 MFG #: DPT260-MS2
  • Buyer MALP
  • Brand Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls / Setra Systems 4.25" x 4.15", 13 to 30 VAC/VDC, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 VDC, LCD Display, 32 to 122 Deg F, +/-1% Accuracy, (2) Screw Hole, Vertical, Pressure Transducer

Features & Benefits

  • The Air Purifier is Designed for Use in the Return Air Duct of a Forced Air Heating, Cooling and Ventilation System
  • Although Designed to be a Robust Air Purification System the Air Purifier is Not Designed to Operate When Wet
  • Operation of the Air Purifier in a Wet Environment will Result in Less than Optimal Performance and a Possible Safety Hazard
  • As Such, Particular Attention Must be Paid to the Following Paragraphs Regarding Installation Near Air Conditioning Coils and Humidifiers
  • The Air Purifier Should be Installed in a System so that All the Return Air is Circulated Through the Air Purifier
  • It Should be Located Upstream of Both the Furnace and the Air Conditioning Evaporator Coil
  • This Will Help Keep the Furnace and Evaporator Coil Clean and Prevent Condensation from Forming within the Air Purifier


  • Type: Air Purifier
  • Power Supply: 230 Volt AC
  • Depth: 25.68 Inch
  • Width: 24 Inch
  • Height: 20 Inch
  • Current Rating 0.3 Amp; Includes 240 Volt AC Equipment Accessory Kit; Approval UL (Canada and US)