MAC060020003 MFG #: MAC060020003
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  • Sx.e Vendor: MULTIAQUA INC
Multiaqua, Inc. Heat Exchanger with Insulation for MAC060 Air Cooled Chiller

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Use Controls with Large Digital Display
  • Wall Thermostat Ready
  • Dry Mode Dehumidification Option Helps Control Interior Moisture Problems
  • Preset Adjustable Factory Temperature Limits Puts Energy Control and Savings into Your Hands
  • The E-TAC II will Retrofit into Most Competitive Wall Sleeves without a Kit
  • Dry Mode Dehumidification Option Helps Control Interior Moisture Problems
  • New Infra-Red Remote Option for Enhanced Operation
  • Programmable Sleep Timer Mode Automatically Turns Unit Off
  • Largest Accessory Offering to Complement Every Architectural Structure
  • Power Interruption Restart
  • Freeze Protection
  • AHRI Certified


  • Voltage Rating: 208/230 Volt AC
  • Current Rating: 6.2/6.7 Amp (Cooling)
  • Frequency Rating: 60 Hertz
  • Number of Phases: 1
  • Power Rating: 1365/1390 Watt (Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacity: 15000 BTU/Hour
  • Weight: 118.8 Pound
  • Approval: UL (Canada and US), CSA
  • Air Flow Rating 306/341 CFM; Energy Efficiency Rating 10.4 EER; Dehumidification 3.17 Pint per Hour; Power Cord Selection 30 Amp; Power Cord Details 208/230 Volt (Voltage Rating), 13900/17000 BTU/Hour (Heating Capacity), 5 Kilowatt (Heater), 4089/5000 Watt (Power Rating), 19.7/21.8 Amp (Current Rating), 28 Amp (MCA), Large Tandem (Receptacle Type), 6-30P (NEMA Number), 30 Amp (Breaker Size); Applicable Standard AHRI