Neoprene Hanger, For 60 to 125 lbs 0.35" Double Deflection

  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Mason
HD Neoprene Hangers provide the same static deflection as the Mason Industries ND neoprene mounts and noticeably improve noise and vibration problems. Use neoprene mounts in vibration sensitive, yet relitively stiff, building areas where pads are not enough but the superior control of spring mounts is not required. Properly isolated equipment runs quieter with less internal wear. The HDA-RED hanger is rated at 125 lbs. Four of these hangers are adequate for equipment weighing up to 500 lbs.


  • Hanger for suspending equipment, pipe, or duct work from a ceiling to isolate vibration and noise
  • Rubber element with low dynamic stiffness for deflection and reducing high frequencies
  • Arc-welded steel hanger box for strength and durability
  • Projected bushing prevents steel-to-steel contact at bolt for maximum noise reduction
  • Hanger allows for deflection in two directions for increased noise reduction