Neoprene Mount, 25 to 55lbs 35"Duro-Meter Dbl Deflection Grn

  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Mason
  • Mounts Type Neoprene/Cork Mounts
ND Neoprene Mounts provide over 3 times the static deflection of all-rubber and cork & rubber "sandwich" pads, noticeably improving vibration problems. Use neoprene mounts in vibration sensitive, yet relitively stiff, building areas where pads are not enough but the superior control of spring mounts is not required. Properly isolated equipment runs quieter with less internal wear. The NDA-GREEN mount is rated at 75 lbs. Four of these mounts are adequate for equipment weighing up to 300 lbs.


  • All mounts are double deflection
  • Offer more than three times the deflection of pads
  • Prevent noise and high frequency vibration
  • Isolate a wide range of equipment
  • Supplied with cap screw and washer
  • Bottom friction surface makes bolting unnecessary in most installations
  • Neoprene covering prevents corrosion of steel parts
  • Molded in commercial Neoprene
  • Bridge bearing Neoprene, Natural Rubber or other elastomers available