Little Giant


NSP-50 MFG #: NSP-50
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Little Giant
  • Height 9 in in
  • Length 20 in in
  • Weight 12 lb
  • Width 6 in in
Neutra-Safe® NSP-50
0Neutra-Safe® NSP-50 neutralizing condensate pump has a guideline capacity of 500,000 BTU/h of appliance input. Our Neutra-pH media is contained in a sack and placed within the serpentine neutralization chamber. The neutralization chamber has a clear easily removable cover for visual inspection and easy media replacement. Our patent pending base was designed and manufactured to hold the Little Giant VCMA-20ULS condensate pump that has been an industry standard for many years. The base contains the pump chamber, which is the same size as the standard VCMA20 pump and contains the neutralizing chamber. There’s a separate inlet for the acidic condensate. From the inlet, the condensate flows under the inlet gate thru the serpentine neutralization chamber which contains the media sack and over the outlet gate into the pump chamber. The original inlets in the VCMA pump are retained for use with non-condensing condensate such as A/C or dehumidification.


  • Little giant pump VCMA20S.
  • Up to 500,000 BTU’s if input.
  • Patent pending serpentine design of neutralization chamber allows for longer exposure of acidic condensate with Neura-PHmedia for enhanced performance.
  • Neutra-PH media contained in a fabric sack for easy maintenance and recharge.
  • Separate inlets for A/C condensate and condensing appliance condensate.
  • Clear snap off lid on neutralizing chamber provides easy visual inspection of the media. No tool required to recharge!