5060W MFG #: 00050-60W
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Raytheon Technologies Corporation / Collins Aerospace (Delavan) ProTek™ 0.5 GPH, 60D Spray Angle, 100 PSI, Green Vial, Nozzle for Precision Oil Burner

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Metal Cutting Performance - Increased Wall Thickness Improves Durability and Minimizes Tooth Loss Optimized Tooth Design Penetrates Metal with Ease
  • Fast, Efficient Cutting in Wood - Larger, Sharper Teeth Remove More Wood for Fast Cutting
  • Easy Plug Removal - Speed Slot Staircase Design for Fast, Easy Plug Ejection
  • Made in USA


  • Diameter: 3-1/8 Inch
  • Supplied with Arbor: No
  • Supplied with Pilot Drill: No
  • Speed Rating: 165 RPM (Aluminum), 140 RPM (Brass), 70 RPM (Cast Iron), 55 RPM (Stainless Steel), 110 RPM (Mild Steel)
  • Blade Material: Bi-Metal
  • Cut Material: Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Metal, Stainless Steel