P128AA-1C MFG #: P128AA-1C
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls (Penn) 120 to 240 VAC, 90 Sec Time Delay, Non-Corrosive Refrigerant, 1/4" External Flared Pressure Connection, 8 to 70 PSIG, Manual Reset, Oil Pressure Controller

The P128 and P145 Series Controls provide dependable low pressure lube oil cut-out for pressure lubricated refrigeration compressors. The P128 Series offer adjustable range settings; The P128 and P145 controls feature a 1/4 inch external flare pressure connection which may be used with a refrigerant hose or cap tube such as SEC99 Ultra Cap.

Features & Benefits

  • Ambient compensated time delay relay
  • trip-free manual reset
  • industry standard
  • P145 is factory set to compressor manufacturer’s specifications


  • Type: Non-Adjustable
  • Operating Pressure Rating: 6.5 PSIG
  • Pressure Media: Non-Corrosive Refrigerant
  • Contact Rating: 120/240 Volt AC
  • Connection Type: 1/4 Inch Flare
  • Application: Pressure Lubricated Refrigeration Compressor, Hermetic and Semi-Hermetic Compressor, Commercial Air-Conditioning and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration System
  • Reset Type Manual; Time Delay 45 Second