Oil Burner Control, 45 sec Safety Switch

R8184G4009 MFG #: R8184G4009
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Factory Authorized Part

R8184G Protectorelay® Oil Burner Control

  • Provides automatic, non-recycling control of an intermittentignition oil burner system
  • Low volt terminals, line volt leadwire connections & screw
  • Intermittent ignition, safety switch
  • 120V 60 cycle or 110V 50 cycle
  • Mount on 4" x 4" junction box or direct mount on burner housing
  • With LED for lockout indication & manual trip lever onsafety switch to assure burner shutdown during servicing
  • C554 Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector and 24VAC thermostat required