05TRQ039Z3EA-A00 MFG #: 05TRQ039Z3EA-A00
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  • Category: Semi Hermetic Screw Compressor
  • CFM Displacement: 39
  • Frequency: 60
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  • Sx.e Stocking Unit: Each
  • Sx.e Vendor: Parts
  • Variety Type: 05T - Open Drive Twin Screw
Carrier (Carlyle) 74 MM, 15.87/34.14 Ton, 39 CFM, R-22/R-507/R-404/R-134A, Variable Volume Index, Single Package, Twin Screw Open-Drive Compressor without Motor/High Speed Seal for Low Temperature Air Conditioner


  • Item: Compressor, Variable Volume Index, Single Package
  • Size: 22 Inch Length x 15 Inch Width x 14 Inch Height
  • Mounting Type: Rigid Mount
  • Used On Item: Low Temperature Air Conditioner, Commercial Refrigerant, Process Cooling, Environmental Chamber
  • Applicable Standard: UL, CSA
  • Screw Size 74 Millimeter; Nominal Capacity 5.11 Ton (Low Temperature), 12.91 Ton (Medium Temperature), 19.9 Ton (High Temperature); Refrigerant Type R-22/R-507/R-404/R-134A; Suction/Discharge Size 1-5/8 Inch; Air Flow Rating 48 CFM; Special Order Designation Standard Offering; Temperature Rating -25 to 130 Deg F; Excludes Motor, High Speed Seal; Packaging Type Single Pack with Service Valve