089104-01 MFG #: 089104-01
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  • Category: Suction Line Accumulator
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  • Solid copper connections
  • U tube design for maximum flow of refrigerant and minimum oil entrapment
  • Inlet flow deflector guides refrigerant toward wall for smooth tangential flow andgradual expansion
  • U tube entrance is positioned behind the inlet flow deflector to prevent unwanted liquid refrigerant from entering and damaging compressor
  • Metering orifice matched to system capacity assures optimum liquid refrigerant and oilflow back to compressor
  • Protective screen and orifice assembly on U tube protects against foreign particle sand contaminants affecting metering function
  • Fittings and U tube are matched to accumulator holding capacity and total system charge for minimum pressure drop and maximum refrigerant flow
  • U.L. listed for 355 psig design pressure
  • File No. SA5172
  • Powder paint exterior coating surpasses 500 hour ASTM salt spray tests
  • Integral 430 F Fuse Plugs (U.L. File No. SA5441)

  • Also available: Heat Exchanger Accumulator Can be made in all models of Parker's standard accumulators.
  • Copper heat exchange coil for superior heat exchange.
  • Liquid line connections available in 3/8 I.D.