SC480 MFG #: SC480
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  • Brand Fieldpiece
Fieldpiece SC480 Clamp Meter

The Fieldpiece SC480 True-RMS AC Clamp Meter is the essential clamp meter with wireless functionality for the HVACR professional. Send your electrical measurements directly to the Job Link System mobile app. Leave the meter behind a closed blower door and view the current measurement on your mobile device.

Help determine system efficiency by directly measuring power consumption (W) of the system. Use this value to inform your customer of energy saving measures you can take to help them save money on their energy bills.

The SC480 is great for troubleshooting minisplit systems. Reach those cramped mini-split connectors with the included RCT2 probe tips for voltage and resistance measurements. Plus, measure frequency (Hz) directly with clamp jaw.

Hang your SC480 clamp meter to any metallic surface with the heavy-duty magnet. See both voltage and amperage readings at the same time on the big dual display.Verify the order of 3-phase voltage lines with just two leads. Capture L1L2 and L1L3 to check that motor lines are correctly installed with Phase Rotation test.

Take more accurate VAC and AAC readings on variable frequency drives with True-RMS sensing technology. Measure the starting amp draw of a compressor with Inrush current mode.

Illuminate the way with a powerful LED built into the clamp jaw. Easily see your measurements with the bright blue backlight on the display.

Take measurements more safely with one hand using the single test lead holder. Test leads come with removable gold plated tips to reliably connect Fieldpiece accessory heads.


  • Tests HVACR electrical equipment using phase rotation, True-RMS, and Inrush features
  • Connects wirelessly with Job Link System app to document electrical measurements
  • Performs True-RMS readings through clamp or leads
  • Inrush current mode captures starting amps
  • Tests 3-phase power with only two leads
  • Measures Power (kW) for system efficiency
  • Low Pass Filter (LPF) ensures accurate VFD readings
  • Tests motor start and run capacitors
  • Super thin Molex test tips allow for readings on hard to reach circuitry
  • Magnetic hanging strap flips out to keep meter locked in place
  • Safety rated CAT IV-600V/CAT III-1000V