Drain Pan Cleaner, 100 Tablets/jar Premium Condensate

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DiversiTech Corporation Pro-Treat® 151 1 Tablet per 3 Ton Each Month Dosage, Faint Odor, Premium, White Pro-Treat® 151 Condensate Drain Pan Treatment (100 Tablet per Jar)

Features & Benefits

  • Pro-Treat® 151 Premium Tablets Penetrate and Help Remove Sludge that Can Plug Drain Pans and Drain Lines and Foul Humidifier Pan
  • Kills Odors Associated with Slime and Sludge, Minimizing Maintenance Problems from Overflow and Water Damage Caused by Fouled Pans, Plugged Traps, or Drain Line
  • Tablets are 100 Percent Soluble, Easy-To-Use, and Do Not Form any Deposits in the Pan or Drain Line
  • Approved for Computer Rooms
  • Made in USA


  • Fragrant Type: Faint
  • Container Type: Jar
  • Container Capacity: 100 Tablet
  • Application: Commercial/Residential, Drain Line
  • Type Premium
  • Dosage 1 Tablet per 3 Ton Each Month
  • Color White
  • Applicable Standard EPA, NIOSH