Safety Switch, 72" Lead Water Level

J100 MFG #: J100
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Hartell
Ingersoll Rand (Hartell) Drain Pan, NO/NC Position, Safety Switch

Hartell’s J-100 drain pan safety switch is a water-level sensing device that is designed to shut down the air conditioning or refrigeration unit in the event of a high water level in the pan or reservoir. The J-100 switch may be wired to trigger an alarm or buzzer if the water levels become too high. The switch may be wired in normally open or normally closed position. The kit comes complete with 72” leads.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install, with a full 6 feet of wire
  • a must for attic installation
  • Prevent damage to ceiling and floor in the event of a clogged drain pan
  • Oil and chemical resistant material
  • Easily mounted on most drain pan


  • Type: Drain Pan, Normally Open/Normally Closed Position
  • Application: Refrigerant, Air Conditioner
  • Voltage Rating 250 Volt AC
  • Current Rating 4 Amp
  • Lead Length 72 Inch