Condensate Switch, Inline Install Detects Downstream Clogs

SS1 MFG #: 97632
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Rectorseal
CSW Industrials Inc. / RectorSeal (Safe-T-Switch) White, Schedule 40, PVC, Vertical/Horizontal Mount, Magnetic Reed, Overflow Switch with Adapter/Bushing/Tee/Electrically Potted Switch/Cap Assembly/Plug/Directional Cleanout Tool/72" Prewired and Potted Cable for Air Conditioner

Features & Benefits

  • Connect to either red or yellow wire
  • Includes directional cleanout tool to provide cleanout access
  • Float is adjustable
  • The most reliable switch


  • Mounting Type: Vertical/Horizontal
  • Material: 40 PVC
  • Color/Finish: White
  • Used On Item: Air Conditioner, In-Line/Primary Drain Pan/Auxiliary Drain Outlet
  • Applicable Standard: UL (Canada and US)
  • Current Rating 1.25 Amp (Carry Capacity)
  • Includes 3/4 Inch Threaded x 3/4 Inch Slip PVC Adapter, 3/4 Inch x 1 Inch Slip PVC Bushing, 1 Inch x 3/4 Inch x 1 Inch Slip Tee, 72 Inch 18 AWG Prewired/Potted Cable, Electrically Potted Switch/Cap Assembly, 3/4 Inch Slip Plug, Directional Cleanout Tool