Temperature Sensor, 10k Indoor/Outdoor f/ColorTouch T5800

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Venstar Inc. Remote Temperature Sensor

Features & Benefits

  • Remote temperature sensor that can be used as a monitoring sensor or a control sensor


  • Application: Indoor and Outdoor Thermostat
  • Used with T5800/T5900/T6800/T6900/T7800/T7850/T7900/T8800/T8850/T8900/T3700/T3800/T3900/T4700/T4800/T4900/T4900SCH (When Used as a Monitoring Sensor), T5800/T5900/T6800/T6900/T7800/T7850/T7900/T8800/T8850/T8900/T3800/T3900/T4700/T4900/T4900SCH (When Used as a Control Sensor)