12" X 20" 3-Wire (PO/PC) Rectangular Slip-In Zone Damper (Bottom Mount)

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  • Warehouse Availability: MALD
  • Actuator Location: Bottom Mount
  • Category: Residential Zone Damper
  • Number of Wires: 3-Wire
  • Power Options: Power Close, Power Open
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 12" x 20"
  • Style: Slip-In
  • Type: Supply Air Damper
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  • Sx.e Vendor: Carrier
The Carrier DAMP -B series round and rectangular dampers are designed with a more compact actuator, and are shorter in length, saving shipping, storage and installation space. The compact actuator contains a self-aligning plastic hub which slips over the shaft but is not clamped to it, reducing the possiblity of misalignment and shaft binding. Retangular dampers now use 45 degree actuators and blades - the same as round dampers.


  • Self-aligning shaft and actuator hub requires no adjustment.
  • Spring-loaded disengagement (quick blade release button) for momentary release of main gear and damper blade.
  • Terminals recessed in plastic. No cover removal for wiring.
  • Plastic hub protects actuator from condensation.
  • 3-Wire connection (Closed, Common, Open)
  • 15-second drive time
  • Compatible with all Carrier zoning systems
  • Slip-In style for retrofit applications
  • Bottom mounted actuator