Honeywell 5-2 Day, 1 Heat/1 Cool Thermostat

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  • Category: Residential Thermostat
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  • Built In Wi-Fi: False
  • Digital Programmable: 5-2 Day
  • Parts Application: HP W/Aux
  • Power Method: Hardwired
  • Stages: 1 Heat/1 Cool
  • Support Capacitive Touch: False
  • Line Voltage (60Hz): 24V AC
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Honeywell International Inc. / Resideo Technologies, Inc. PRO® 2000 20 to 30 VAC 50/60 Hz or 750 mV, 40 to 90 Deg F Heating/50 to 99 Deg F Cooling Setting Temperature, Battery/Hardwired, 1.73 Sq Inch Backlit Display, Premier White, 5-2 Day Programmable, 1-Heat/1-Cool Heat Pump, Manual Changeover, Thermostat

The PRO programmable family of thermostats offers a basic thermostat with the benefits of energy savings. the PRO features an easy-to-read display and 5-2 day programming. Best of all, it's backed by the Honeywell name.

Features & Benefits

  • Weekday/Weekend Programming 5 to 2 (Weekdays, Weekend) Programming
  • Backlit Digital Display Both Current and Set Temperatures are Easy to Read in Various Lighting Conditions
  • Precise Comfort Control Maintains Consistent Comfort to the Highest Level of Accuracy
  • Basic Operation Easy to Use Slide Switches Allow You to Select the Heat or Cool Mode and Operate the Fan
  • The Pro 4000 has Built-In Instructions Simple, Pull Out Instruction Manual
  • Adaptive Intelligent Recovery Ensures Programmed Temperature is Reached by Programmed Time


  • Type: 5-2 Day Programmable, 1-Heat/1-Cool Heat Pump, Manual Changeover
  • Cover Type: Horizontal
  • Color: Premier White
  • Voltage Rating: 20 to 30 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz or 750 Millivolt
  • Current Rating: 0.02 to 1 Amp (Heating/Cooling)
  • Temperature Rating: 32 to 120 Deg F
  • Size: 4-10/16 Inch Width x 1-3/16 Inch Depth x 3-7/16 Inch Height
  • Display Type 1.73 Square Inch Backlit
  • Switch Position Heat-Off-Cool (System), Auto-On (Fan)
  • Terminal Designation R, RC, C, W, Y, G, O, B
  • Power Method Battery/Hardwired
  • Setting Temperature Range 40 to 90 Deg F (Heating), 50 to 99 Deg F (Cooling)
  • Humidity Rating 5 to 90 Percent RH (Non-Condensing)