Network Control, Compliant Smart Manager (Web Application)

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Toshiba Carrier VRF

The Smart Manager is a line voltage controller mounted on the wall that enables the customer to control and monitor the operation of the VRF System by using an onsite computer.

Compatible Indoor Units

MMU2 – 4-Way Cassette
MMUM – Compact 4-Way Cassette
MMC1 – Underceiling
MMK3 – High Wall
MMDB – Concealed Duct
MMD4 – High Static Duct
MMDP – Slim Duct
40TCQ – Vertical AHU

  • Display all units on one screen
  • Shows basic indoor unit setting on main screen
  • Advance operation and master scheduling functions are available
  • Up to four concurrent web browser users can be connected simultaneously
  • Up to 32 user accounts can be programmed with different levels of access (at least one user must be at administrator level)
  • Energy monitoring and report creation functions available
  • Advance operation and master schedules can be set on a calendar
  • Additional digital I/O device available
  • Thin profile controller and separate power supply unit enables easy installation
  • Maximum of 128 indoor units per Smart Manager (requires 2 TCC links – 64 units on each link)