TXV HFES 1/2HC OD EE 5'3/8X1/2

ALC-054838 MFG #: ALC-054838
  • Brand Emerson
  • Equalizer Location Internal
  • Rated Capacity Primary Refrigerant 0.5
  • Refrigerant R22, R407C
  • TXV Charge Code HC
  • TXV Connection Type Sweat (ODF)
  • TXV Inlet Size 3/8"
  • TXV Outlet Size 1/2"
  • TXV Series HFE HFES
  • Valve Configuration 90° Angle
Factory Authorized Parts - ALC-054838 - HFES 1/2 HC ODF ANG EE 5 Ft 3/8" X 1/2"
  • Stainless steel replaceable power element eliminates corrosion and prevents valve failure.
  • Two body sizes provide capacities from 1/4 to 20 tons.
  • NOTE: If the HF body is stamped HFK, then the cage is replaceable.
  • Standard Body HF & HFK.
  • The HF is offered several ways: Pre-packaged HFK service kits - Include a mix of bodies and power elements with a complete set of cages to serve the most applications with a minimum of parts Individual components. Bodies, cages, & power elements may be ordered separately. Finished valves - Assembled valves ready for immediate installation.
  • Bi-Flow capability up to 5-1/2 tons R-22 allows one valve to control the superheat in both cooling and heating modes.
  • Extended Body.
  • HF Capacity range from 8 to 20 tons (R-22) Finished valve only

The HF series is a balanced ported valve designed for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications.
  • ODF or SAE connections
  • Straight-through or angle flow configurations
  • Removable inlet strainer (ODF only)
  • Internal or external equalizer