Lamp, UV Replacement 120V

P103-UVLTTRPL1020A01 MFG #: P103-UVLTTRPL1020A01
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  • Category: UV Light
  • Lamp Quantity: Single
  • Line Voltage (60Hz): 120V
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Totaline Germicidal Lamp
Totaline’s ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lamps are designed to kill odor causing bacteria, viruses and mold that may develop in a HVAC unit. The UV Lamp system is designed to inhibit fungus and microbial growth when applied to the indoor coil/drain pan area of a central cooling system. The lamps will also reduce airborne viruses and bacteria generated in the occupied space. The lamps should be mounted on a flat surface. Lamps are designed to operate for one year continuously before replacement is required. The UV Lamps are designed for indoor use only.On 2-lamp models, the 2 assemblies are connected by a flexible cord which allow the installer to separate the lamps from 4 to 18 inches. Each lamp kit includes cleaning kit and mounting screws.