P103-UVLTT1LP3020A01 MFG #: P103-UVLTT1LP3020A01
  • URN P103-UVLTT1LP3020A01
  • Brand Totaline
  • Lamp Quantity Single
CLEAN, FRESHER AIR. As a part of a complete system including a Totaline high efficiency air cleaner, the UV Light enhances indoor air quality by reducing the amount of fungi, bacteria and other pollutants on the coil.
CONFIDENCE. Enjoy your enhanced indoor air quality with genuine peace of mind knowing that the UV Light is proven technology that is safe, effective, and energy efficient.
EASE OF USE. This product operates quietly and requires no cleaning or other routine monthly maintenance.
LASTING EFFICIENCY. Just replace the lamps once a year to maintain effectiveness.
WARRANTY. The UV Light is covered with a 5-year limited warranty. The lamps, which require annual replacement, arecovered with a 90-day limited warranty.