Monitor, 007 Control Checker

TC-007 MFG #: TC-007
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand DiversiTech
  • Height 1.25 in
  • Length 9 in
  • Weight 0.2 lb
  • Width 6 in
DiversiTech Corporation (Wagner Motors) 24 to 460 VAC/VDC, Control Checker with 9 V Battery

A lifetime tool for monitoring and checking safety controls and operating controls. One unit for all voltages 24-460 VAC or DC without switching dials or meters. Compact, 4 oz, reliable. Saves troubleshooting. For normally closed controls, 007 connects in parallel with safety control. When the safety control opens in response to a problem in the system, 007 red LED turns on and remains on until reset manually. With intermittent problem, the LED remains on indicating the control is open. For operating controls, 007 verifies the status of all types indicating if there is power to the holding coil, the NC contact is open or closed, the thermostat contacts are open or closed, there is power to the contactor or starting holding coil, the overloads are open or closed, or there is a bad connection either on control or power side. NOTE - May use with lockout relays. Features battery check and reset switch. Includes 9-volt battery. 007 may be used over and over.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in USA


  • Used on Voltage 24 to 460 Volt AC/DC
  • Includes 9 Volt Battery