Flood Detector, 24vAC Wet Switch Detector

WS1 MFG #: WS-1
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand DiversiTech
  • Height 1.55 in
  • Length 9.6 in
  • Type Switch
  • Weight 0.65 lb
  • Width 8 in
DiversiTech Corporation 18 to 30 VAC 60 Hz/20 to 30 VAC 50 Hz, Wet Switch Flood Detector for Condensate Drain

A solid state control designed to help prevent flooding, damage to carpets, walls, furniture, ceilings, etc. Has a built-in test and reset button for easier installation. Turns system off when detecting moisture due to condensate or drain leaks. One or two drops will cause Wet Switch ® to turn off a unit, alerting a serviceman to a moisture problem. A lit LED indicates the Wet Switch ® is activated and has turned the unit off. Reset simply by drying the absorbent pad with a paper towel and pressing the reset switch. Connects to 24 VAC. More than one unit may be connected to a system. 2 amp contact rating. Simple 5 wire installation. Sales displays available. ETL Listed File Number 3146992. UL508 Approved.

Features & Benefits

  • Hydrophilic Pad - a High Tech Polymeric Fiber Quickly Draws Water into the Sensor Array Using Proven Capillary Technology
  • Standard 24 AC Control - Power Supply to the Wet Switch is 24 Volt AC
  • Stainless Steel Sensor Array - a High Tech Array of Multiple Stainless Steel Sensor Detect Even a Minimal Amount of Water Drawn into the Hydrophilic Pad
  • Push to Reset - Itch Activates, it Lock Out the Call for Cool Circuit on the Air Conditioner Until the Switch is Manually Reset
  • Push to Test - The Push to Test Button on Wet Switch Gives the Installer a Quick, Easy Way to Test the Wiring on their Installation


  • Used On Item: Condensate Drain
  • Power Rating 18 to 30 Volt AC 60 Hertz/20 to 30 Volt AC 50 Hertz
  • Voltage Rating 24 Volt AC