Torch Kit, A-5 A-14 Acetylene Extreme Manual Lighting

0386-0336 MFG #: X-4B
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ESAB (TurboTorch) Extreme® 3-1/2" Soft Solder, 1-5/8" Silver Braze, Quick Disconnect Tip, Air Acetylene/Manual Lighting, Welding Torch Kit

This line of kits has been the industry standard for decades. Reliable and well engineered, the standard line of kits combines our Extreme Swirl Technology with a traditional manual lighting torch.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick-Disconnect Coupling
  • Color Coded O-Ring for Quick Gas Identification


  • Type: Air Acetylene, Manual Lighting
  • Tip Type: Quick Disconnect
  • Capacity: 3-1/2 Inch Soft Solder, 1-5/8 Inch Silver Braze
  • Hose Details: AH-12
  • Handle Details: Quick Disconnect Handle
  • Regulator Details: Type B Tank
  • Cylinder Details: Type B Acetylene Tank
  • Inclusions/Features: Regulator, Handle, Hose, Tip, Color Coded O-Ring, Quick Disconnect Coupling, Instruction Manual
  • Valve Position Rear
  • Application Hobbyist, HVAC, Light Fabrication Industry